Two wheeler simulators - Reproducing actual drive

Based on our basic principle known as" respect for the individual person" and regarding safety as one of the most important challenge, we at HE have been actively promoting safe riding considering that the increased awareness of an individual rider is the key to prevention of traffic accidents in addition to the development of safer riding habits.

The simulator is an instrument that has been developed to increase the awareness of safety in a risk free atmosphere. This training device reproduces various simulated situations on the road in a realistic manner, thereby allowing the "rider" to "experience" various hazardous situations.

Through repeated reviewing of processes leading to the "accident" or other hazardous situations from various angles with his /her own eyes, the "rider" can deepen their understanding of safety. As a training instrument this can be used right from inexperienced persons to those with abundances of riding experience.



The second-generation riding simulators

The features in the operating are varied, the "rider" has the option of choosing an automatic or manual transmission, the size of the motorcycle starting from a moped to mid sized to large, the type of the course that he wishes to ride on - a practice run, avenue, path or touring.

The other choices are a city ride, highway, seaside or hills, day, night or fog. The seating position and handlebar are real time, as are the foot controls.

It also has the ability to replay a situation to enable the rider to check in detail what went wrong and when and a comment box on the top of the screen will tell the rider about the way he/she is handling the situation.

The entire ride is then tabulated with a route map and very objectively helps you to evaluate your weak points and correct them. The data evaluates the way each dangerous situation was handled.

The rider is also given pointers on things like which tendencies they need to work on to help them ride safely.

The greatest advantage of a simulator is that the novice riders who are familiarizing themselves with the controls and to an extent the handling of a two wheeler do not put themselves or other road users to risk.

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