P - Drive System - The Perfect tool for better driving

The P-Drive System is the first and only “state of the art” system to objectively analyse the driving ability of LMV and HMV drivers.

The advantage of the methodology and didactic of the P-Drive System is that the driver and trainer can see and directly check what was right or wrong in a particular situation and it all takes place in road traffic, not in a protected, simulated environment.

The system can be used anywhere, individually or in groups, for road safety training on special tracks or in road traffic.

The P-Drive System can be installed and is ready to use in any vehicle in a few minutes.


How does the P-Drive System Work?

The heart of the P-Drive System is a telemetric system that is easily installed in any vehicle and records the most important vehicle and driver data during the trip. Using a GPS aerial, two video cameras and a monitor all driver and vehicle movements are recorded accurately and objectively.

In addition to the speed, and distance, it also records longitudinal (acceleration, delay) and cross forces (steering manoeuvres) . It also saves the date, time, braking power and drift angle if relevant.

All incoming data are sent via wireless LAN to the instructor’s tablet PC, large screens or a server. So the road safety instructor in the passenger seat can analyse each driving manoeuvre precisely during the trip – or afterwards – and provide specific positive feedback. The participant can take a video and data on a DVD home to study.


If you are interested in more informations, please download the PDF-file.


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