VMC - Vehicle Management Centre

The main task of the centre is to monitor the technical condition of the vehicle and schedule the maintenance, the fast and safe delivery of the cargo, to Increase the driving safety of vehicles, to decrease risk to the load of the vehicle by specifying the most suitable routes as per the JRM and to increase the efficiency of all activities related to safe transportation. The expectations are to provide the details on:
  • Pre and post–dispatch inspections on every trip
  • Ensure the roadworthiness and load safety of the vehicle
  • Monitor and provide the compliance status
  • To provide JRM breifing
  • To ensure the driver is mentally and physiscally fit

Content & Methodology

The location will have an exclusive resource to check and monitor each vehicle and driver and he will use the appropriate details to engage the driver to ensure compliance. HE will recruit, select and train the resources
  • The dedicated resources use appropriate data to communicate with the driver. The feedback of this resource will be forwarded to the data management centre to incorporate it in the data base and will be put into use on subsequent visits of the driver, to monitor the effectiveness of communication.
  • Formal pre-and post loading inspection and briefings are held and documented. This shall include discussions between driver and the resource on routes, load and while in transit.
  • Vehicle is fit and suitable in terms of the load.

The management centre will communicate to the concerned on daily basis as per the agreed format.

The centre will be co-ordinate with the driver of the vehicle through G.P.S data that is being downloaded and will send it to fleet management centre, which will evaluate this data and store it with the vendor for action to be taken if necessary.

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