What is VAP?

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Vehicle assessment procedure. It is a special procedure conceptuated by Hubert Ebner for periodical assessment of vehicle. VAP assesses audits and ensures that vehicles meet the stipulated norms based on usage and time factor.


The main objective for conducting VAP is:
  • To ensure compliance in terms of vehicle roadworthiness and statutory documentation.
  • To strengthen the process of compliance and ensure consistency in terms of vehicle management.
  • Get the Vendors to adopt a voluntary code of compliance.
  • Create a platform for sustaining the improvement in standard.
The aim of VAP is to ensure that all vehicles, engaged in operations are certified “Safe” according to a clearly defined inspection & certification procedure.



Content & Methodology

VAP consists of two process.

The first deals with a scrutiny of compliance of legal aspects of the vehicle such as registration, fitness certificate (commercial vehicles), road tax, insurance, tax, pollution certificate validity.

The second deals with the assessment concerning the physical aspects of the vehicle (Roadworthiness)

  • Internal & external safety fitments (eg: visibility reflectors, seat belts)
  • Mechanical usage deterioration levels (tyre, brakes, fan belt, wipers)
  • Electrical usage deterioration levels (bulbs, battery, horn)
  • Body & chassis (rusting, bumpers, door closures)
  • Instrumentation (proper display & accurate functioning of meters)

Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL) will be specified for each of the above aspects based on usage & time factors (e.g. Tyres must have a minimum tread depth irrespective of usage, while tyre pressure must be checked on a specified time frame).


Vehicle history sheet

Each vehicle must have a history sheet (format provided by HE), which should be maintained by each vendor for his respective vehicle. Certain aspects of work done on the vehicle including accidents, repairs, replacements, shall be briefly recorded in there.

It must be remembered that Hubert Ebner conducts VAP for audit purpose only. All repairs and maintenance has to be done by the owners directly. HE has nothing to do with it as HE only subjects the vehicle based on norms drawn up in cooperation with the client.

If VAP shows up any other defects, the vehicle will have to undergo those checks as well. Such diagnostic checks will have to be conducted at any of the certified workshops.

Duration: 60–90 minutes per vehicle.


If you are interested in more informations, please download the PDF-file.


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