What is DMC?


Driver management centre. It is a special training/coaching module keeping in mind the needs & necessity for the drivers to carry out an accident free operation.

The key objective of driver management centre is to improve the performance of the individual by inculcating right behaviour & improving their skills so as to ensure compliance to the driving safety standards. It focuses to align the partners of the journey (contractors, drivers, warehouse operators, etc.) in terms of our expectations, work with them on a continuous basis in raising their performance levels consistently and also to measure & monitor their performance before & after every trip.


Content & Methodology

This expectation is accomplished through competent resources on an ongoing basis to play the role of a coach, mentor and provides all the support in preparation of drivers to his journey at the origin and ensures that he completes his journey in safest possible manner in line with the expectations by providing appropriate feedback at the destination.

The methodology includes the following process:

  • Ensuring the driver is physically and mentally fit to undertake the trip.
  • The vehicle is roadworthy.
  • The Journey risk management is briefed.
  • The performances of the drivers are monitored through GPS and key observations in terms of expectations are captured on the internet to track and monitor their progress.
  • The resources performances are monitored in terms of ensuring compliance and optimizing the safe trips (zero process & policy violations) that have taken place post his conversations.

DURATION: DMC is conducted for each trip undertaken by the Driver, to ensure that each trip is a safe trip.

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