Accident Analysis - Finding The Route Cause

A prerequisite to improve road safety is to have a comprehensive road accident database and analysis system. Collection of quality, accurate and reliable data that are collected over a period of time are needed in order to understand the factors influencing the arising figures of road accidents and injuries In addition, advanced road accident analysis system is needed to help strategies road safety initiative as well as inculcate better understanding of road accident causation Furthermore, accident data is critical to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of road safety interventions introduced by the corporate, government and road authorities.

It is very important to carry out an analysis of Incidents/accidents to find out the root cause, determining the cause of an Incident and devising ways to prevent a recurrence, for this we need systematic and proven approach. The analysis must be documented & translated into counselling or process improvement.


Content & Methodology

  • Fact gathering : After an accident happens the process starts to gather all possibly relevant facts that may contribute to understanding the accident.
  • Fact Analysis : After the process has been completed or at least delivered some results the facts are put together to give a “big picture.” The history of the accident is reconstructed and checked for consistency and plausibility.
  • Conclusion Drawing : If the accident history is sufficiently informative conclusions can be drawn about causation and contributing factors.
  • Countermeasures : In some cases the development of countermeasures is desired or recommendations have to be issued to prevent further accidents of the same kind.
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