Our Products have been developed specifically for conditions, regulations, terrain and traffic existing in India

HE has several road safety products that are used extensively by many individuals and organisations including leading MNC’s, diplomatic missions and some of India’s bestknown companies.

These products includes …

  • Driving training and management systems for all categories of vehicles.
  • Puplication, manuals, films and videos on "Safe Driving".
  • Driver assessment and selection systems.
  • Net-based e-learning systems for learners and for drivers already holding licences.
  • "Train the Trainer" academy for road safety and driving management.
  • Awareness programs for organisations, individuals, children and special groups.
  • VAP/VMC.
  • Road safety implements like specially designed apparel and tools.
  • DMC - driver management centre
  • JRM - journey risk management
  • TOC - trainer outsourcing centre
  • Accident analysis
  • Road safety awareness programs for school children and general public.

All these products are of international quality and proven over several years of use and refinement. We ensure that all our trainers, safety advisors and educators are specially trained and certified to the highest EU standards.

All our products - including all visuals, films and “virtual” situations - have also been developed specifically for conditions, terrain, traffic and regulations as they exist in India.

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