Experience adds to your ability to view things from an all round perspective which remains unseen to others.  This very experience that HE has gathered over the years through continuously striving to achieve a safe driving behaviour makes it an obvious choice when it comes to consultancy over matters related to road safety. We eagerly undertake such challenging assignments for both government and private organisations where our various tools and techniques are effectively put into use in creating a safe driving environment for them.




No situation can be assessed without a proper study. A detailed and analytical dipstick is done through various tools that HE has been using over the years which helps to generate a conclusive report on the given scenario and then suggest steps to minimise the dangers that lurk and poses threat to road safety.



Advisory Service

Once the detailed report is generated through the diagnostic study, HE then lays out the steps to be undertaken in minimising risks and trains hands on through briefings, practical assessments and setting up standards and procedures.







A constant evaluation is then carried out on every aspect and deviations if any, from set standards and procedures is highlighted and corrective measures are suggested and a detailed feedback report is generated








To conduct performance and process audits of clients to determine the effective implementation of methods, safety standards etc as advised and trained by HE or any other agency against the defined parameters mutually agreed upon. HE does this periodically and checks for deviations and adherence to laid out processes.


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