Chetana- Road Safety Awareness Display System 

This is the latest addition to the numerous products that we deal in.

The system itself is very simple - it consists of a LCD display that is connected to a central server through a set top box and can be programmed to display any type of audio visual displays that are pre-programmed. It can display videos, images and audio and all three can be looped so that we get audio, video and images.

The advantages of the RSADS is that it runs through the internet, is easily installed, displays can be changed quickly, there are no printing charges, there is no distribution involved, there is a surety of it being displayed and that all displays are multimedia presentations.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the system is that it can be displayed at even remote locations just with the help of internet!


General information about the RSAD system 

With the display system, you stir up emotions and interest in your products directly at the point of sale. They need not apply only to products but can also convey additional information on events, promotions, services, etc.

We offer you the opportunity to combine a variety of devices. Right from a large display at a central location to the smallest screen directly at the sale point of the product, everything is possible. We integrate all existing equipment into our solution.

On the Display SCREEN we adapt to your individual needs and we continue to develop new technology steadily so as to meet the requirements of the future.

Our dedicated development team with years of experience in multimedia and database environment supports you in implementing your own ideas and expectations on the screen.

The RSAD system Solution is a complete solution for digital displays. The management of content as well as the programs is via a central server, which controls each display, its data and stores feedback.

Each device has an inbuilt security procedure and stores media for a certain period of time; so that outages can be bridged in the network without any problem and the display will continue to function normally.

The administrator himself can control any number of operations on arbitrary groups of displays. The operations that can be administered are almost limitless and they can be extended for additional information that can be retrieved from other sources.


Services and benefits 

The following services are handled by us:

  • Concept and presentation development
  • Hardware Services
  • Software Services
  • Maintenance Services

Digital is better because:

  • Daily - Simply and easily updated within a short time and is completely flexible.
  • Multimedia – As the displays are run on the internet, whatever you want to communicate with the RSAD. SCREENs , any kind of permutation or combination is possible.
  • Regional - No matter where you are, you always hit your target groups exactly to the point.

Why a digital showcase?

  • Benefits at a Glance
  • Modern Image
  • Flexible and individual
  • Easy to Use
  • Target group
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Time saved

RSAD Software

The software is specifically designed for easy management of media and devices.

  • Device Management: When the individual devices are operated, their status is displayed on the central server. (eg: settings currently displayed presentation sequences, screenshots and the temperature and utilization of equipment)
  • Media Management: In this area, all media (images, animation, videos will be maintained).
  • Process management: Here, the presentation flows together, ranked and determined when and how long the individual posters, quotes, videos, animation, etc. are displayed on the devices. The flow management is very easy to use and fulfills mainly the individual customer needs.
  • Scheduling: The presentation generated sequences are assigned to the devices or device groups. Content can be switched on specified dates. If you want to know more about our product, we will present the software with a personal appointment for you.



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