Hubert Ebner (India) Pvt Ltd (HE) goes digital. With an array of products aimed at bringing Road Safety within your reach, on the go where ever, whenever HE fulfils yet another mission of its- constantly upgrading and innovating in the field of Road Safety being true to its character as a pioneer in this field. The products which are being launched with a demo link for all the users are:


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  • Digital solution for road safety education
  • E-learning supports people to learn independently anytime and anywhere.
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  • Test yourself
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Chetana or the Road Safety Awareness Display System - This is the latest addition to the numerous products that we deal in.

The system itself is very simple - it consists of a LCD display that is connected to a central server through a set top box and can be programmed to display any type of audio visual displays that are pre-programmed. It can display videos, images and audio and all three can be looped so that we get audio, video and images.

The advantages of the RSADS is that it runs through the internet, is easily installed, displays can be changed quickly, there are no printing charges, there is no distribution involved, there is a surety of it being displayed and that all displays are multimedia presentations.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the system is that it can be displayed at even remote locations just with the help of internet!

It can combine educational content on road safety along with advertorial content form the clients side.

Click here to download CHETANA installation guidelines: Chetana-POS-Viewer-Installation


Mobile Applications      

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps - Handheld, easy to use downloadable content of road safety to facilitate learning on the move and at convenience. With the flurry of smart phones in the Indian market their user base has also increased substantially enabling people to prefer having such useful apps in their phones.

* This is compatible only with Android phones.

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